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Ode to my breakup

You have gathered an army for a war that will not happen
Snapping their jaws like a dog off it’s chain
I will cut pieces of myself-
Throwing flesh to this rabid foe

And you stand there, pleased

I’m convincing myself that the second toothbrush on my sink is not your’s
That my sheets do not hold our secrets
That my shower is not clogged with your hair
But I still stretch for you in the mornings

You were my white rabbit
And time was always against us
So I broke my watches
But the sun kept moving
Putting us in the shadows
Where we stayed, cold and unmoving

So this is an apology from my hands
For letting you slip through my fingers
Grabbing for temporary fixes

You told me that my skin was dry
So I bought lotion
Covered my skin
Trying to soften myself
To match your perfect hands


You are an unfamiliar liquor
Burning my lips with lust
Warming my chest with love

You have stuck me like a poison dart
My body collapses in to yours
Bolts of life spring from your fingertips, electrocuting my blood.

Without you, my bed feels giant.

I am listening to a CD you made me.
The wind cuts in through my open window.
My outstretched arm skims along the air.
I swear I can hear you singing along with me.

I can’t remember your shoe size anymore
And I never got too good at tracking to follow your footprints
So instead, lead me on a wild goose chase
I want to feel sixteen again.

When you left
I started falling out of feelings.
Not love
I gave you that one.

I am up far too late
And far too often
To have not counted the stars by now.


I am finding it more difficult to hold my head up these days.
I follow a maze of carpet to concrete, counting the cracks in the pavement.
My tongue presses against the roof of my mouth to concentrate.
And still I can’t make sense of it all

I watched heartbreak spread like wildfire
Scorching and charring
Trying to pry the joy from our hearts

I’ve grown too accustomed with holding broken brothers
Too comfortable with tear-stained t-shirts
Too familiar with sleepless nights

I squeezed my dreams, wishing to hold on to a world where you still exist.
Where I can still hear the sound of your breath
Where you bombard my senses, instead of my memory

Because my memory is flawless when it comes to the shape of your smile

So I’m dragging my heels, remembering the footprints you left on my life
My kidneys are filtering sadness
My lungs are breathing in oxygen and breathing out hope
I need silver linings to rainclouds, instead of just darkness

Take me away from here
The air still sounds like your laughter some days.

I catch your eyes sneaking a glare
Stinging me, like a mosquito
Leaving little bits of poison
Making me itch
For you

I squeezed my dreams as hard as I could, hoping to hold on to a place where you still existed


hits my throat
sends me coughing
up feelings
and actions

burns my eyes
and your shadow
allows for healing
only working
at night

cools my skin
red from exposure
dry from wind
momentarily cleansed
until tomorrow


You feel like a split-second
Most days
A quick smile
A secret wave

I almost miss your looks
But always catch them at their finale
For just a split-second

So I’ll start tattooing tally marks
Counting the moments I forget to breathe

Your eyes have that effect on me
My mind becoming a paintbrush
Longing for the perfect shade
Only you offer

Gemineye- “Penny For Your Thoughts”

kiss my ass

I like the way a whiskey and coke tastes when the ice has melted
I like the way my fingers smell after playing guitar for a while
I like the way my old baseball glove fit
I like stale smoke on peacoats
Warm exhales on cold mornings
Neck kisses
The subtle wink

And I realize I’m particular
And some people find that particularly annoying
Or odd
Or pretentious

But I’m tired of being shackled by social norms telling me that the size of my car’s engine and my penis somehow correlate

That if I’m not a suit and tie, nine to five man, I’m unmotivated
That I should care about anyone with the last name Kardashian
That kissing ass is a way to get by

Kiss my ass
Kiss my ass because I like to live paycheck by paycheck
Kiss my ass because settling down and popping out twins is something I don’t want for a while

And that’s okay

That’s what makes us all beautiful

So even if you don’t like it when your whiskey and coke’s ice has melted
Drink with me