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throwback butt promotion.

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throwback butt promotion.

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I say let’s all get naked
No, not now
But let’s get rid of these clothes some way some how

Let’s run through the fields and feel the wet dew
and get all cut up and our lips turn blue

Cause it’s freezing out there, in the world of real life
When my words fall out and we go back to strife

The daily grind, and the sleepless nights
when your thoughts will kill and the cold will bite

and the things inside start to creep out
they’ll make you scream and they’ll make you shout

So let’s burn our shirts and tear up our pants
Rip our scarves in pieces and stand and dance

Rejoice in this moment
let me inhale you
I’ll hold you in
till my lungs can’t bear you

Take my beat up dress shoes, with tattered laces
Take my yearbook with distant faces

I say let’s get naked
no, not now
But let’s get rid of these clothes some way some how


(Laura Makabresku)

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(Laura Makabresku)

I sleep naked every night.

wishful thinking, I guess.

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Jenny Saville and Glen Luchford, Closed Contact

“[Saville] presses her skin against glass to disfigure and manipulate it, emphasizing her negative body image.”


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