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I'm Jake.
I'm 21.
Professional Ballet Dancer.
College Student.
Actor, Poet, Writer, Musician, Thinker, Lover.
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In Austin for SXSW.

I am listening to a CD you made me.
The wind cuts in through my open window.
My outstretched arm skims along the air.
I swear I can hear you singing along with me.

Check out my friend, Cory Kosel.

Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe

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Shia’s penis makes a debut in this


How can you tell when goodbye means goodbye
Not just for now, for the rest of your life
How can you stand there with love in your eyes
And still be walking away

Also this.
King Charles- Ivory Road
Black Cab Sessions

Stuck on this.
First Aid Kit- Ghost Town
Black Cab Sessions

I hate when you follow a new blog that you think will be good, then they start posting nothing but One Direction.

Here’s the piece that my dear friend Trevor choreographed.
He asked me to write the music and record an original poem.
This recording quality is bonerville.

So  dope.

Open Your Eyes
Snow Patrol
Up To Now

For Solana.