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I'm Jake.
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Actor, Poet, Writer, Musician, Thinker, Lover.
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""Educational" theatre is an excuse for the untalented to pretend to be in theatre. And that is one of the reasons they are so fearful of true talent when it pops up in their midst. True talent denies, by its existence, the validity of what they are trying to do with all the wannabe’s"

Alva Hascall

Update of sorts.

Some big-ish things have been happening in my life recently.
At the end of the season for TEXAS, their is a variety show called TEXAS Originals. It’s essentially a talent show put on by the cast and crew of TEXAS.
They made us audition a couple of days ago, and I got some pretty awesome news.
One of my fellow dancers, Trevor asked me to write some music and a poem for a dance piece that he’s been working on. So I recorded 3 different songs, wrote and recorded a poem, and BOOM! His piece made it in.
I’m also in two other choreography pieces that also made it in.
AND a poem that I’ve been constantly working on since the summer of my senior year made it as well.
Also, I’m understudy for one of the leads in the show, and I’m going in for the Saturday and Sunday performances.
Saturdays usually have anywhere from 1,000-1,500 people in the house.

Things are looking up, ladies and gents.